Monday, April 4, 2011


On Saturday April 2nd 2011 (Harold Hunter's birthday) I was able to present my very first event at "Garden Skate" in Pine Brooke New Jersey for the non profit Harold Hunter Foundation (HHF).

The event was a charity benefit to support the HHF organization on their mission of using skateboarding as a vehicle to provide inner-city youth with valuable life experiences that nurture individual creativity, resourcefulness, and the developement of life skills.

We set it off at 10am that morning at 12th and A park in the lower east side of downtown Manhattan, where the elite cast of NYC ALL STARS were picked up and driven to the NJ skate park by shuttle vans provided by Garden skate and the HHF.

As soon as we arrived to Garden skate, the NYC ALL STARS began killing it! 2 hours of chaos, followed by 2 best trick contests, and a huge product toss. All of the kids were so psyched! Thanks to Billy Rohan, and Steve Rodriguez for helping me host.

With all of the epic skating that went down, the event turned out to be the most fun, positive, energetic, and worthwhile event to come out of NYC this year.

Thanks to Todd at Garden Skate, Kelly Robshaw of the HHF, all of the supporting sponsors, and the NYC ALL STAR cast of AMAZING SKATERS that came out to support the cause.

I really appreciate being given the chance to work with all of you, and hope that we can do it again next year!

Check out the photo recap of the NYC ALL STAR event courtesy of Ryan Zimmerman at

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